ST-126: Pilastro Tjerk Reijenga Wall Unit

Large  wall  system/ bookcase  designed  by
Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro in The Netherlands
during the 1960s.  Features black  lacquered
metal wall mount with  multicolored shelves.
One  display  cabinet,  a  magazine  rack,  a
shelf  with a drawer  below and a tray holder
with removable serving trays. Multiple display
possibilities.  Everything  in  metal.
The wall system is shown here on a height of
two wall brackets (100cm height each), so the
given dimensions correspond to that set up.
Overall good vintage condition with patina and
signs of wear. Smaller dents, disformations,
scratches or smaller rust are to be expected.

H 200 x W 287 x D 60cm